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The National Security Council is an executive branch agency that helps the President deal with matters of national security and foreign policy. Since its inception in 1947, the National Security

Council has aided subsequent presidents in matters of foreign policy such as the Cuban missile crisis in 1962 with then President Kennedy, up unto the recent execution of Muslim extremistOsama Bin Laden by NAVY seals last year with our current President Obama.


The National Security Council is made mostly of executive branch cabinet members, such as the department of defense secretary, Vice president, and the secretary of state, along with the joint military chiefs of staff that are in charge of all United States military forces.

The National Security Council is run by the president himself and helps coordinate all policies among the government agencies in matters of domestic national policy and foreign diplomatic policy. They advise the president of all information regarding possible threats to the United States and various allied nations, but they have no authority to act alone without the president’s consent.

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