National Security Council Staff


Key People: Nixon Administration (1969-1973) National Security Council: President: Richard Nixon Vice President: Spiro Agnew Secretary of State: William Rogers Secretary of Defense: Melvin Laird Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs (APNSA): Henry Kissinger Director of CIA: Richard Helms Chairman of Joint Chiefs: General Earle Wheeler / Admiral… Read more »

United-Nation-Security-Council Members


Current Members Permanent and Non-Permanent Members The Council is composed of 15 Members: five permanent members: China, France, Russian Federation, the United Kingdom, and the United States, and ten non-permanent members elected for two-year terms by the General Assembly (with end of term date): Angola (2016) Chad (2015) Chile (2015)… Read more »

National security council memo 68

President Truman

NSC-68, 1950 National Security Council Paper NSC-68 (entitled “United States Objectives and Programs for National Security” and frequently referred to as NSC-68) was a Top-Secret report completed by the U.S. Department of State’s Policy Planning Staff on April 7, 1950. The 58-page memorandum is among the most influential documents composed… Read more »

Purpose of national security council


The primary role of the NSC is to advise the President regarding integration of foreign, military and domestic policies which relate to national security. It also helps facilitate cooperation between government agencies regarding implementation of such policies. Additionally, the NSC is authorized to evaluate risks to national security, weigh policy… Read more »